Episode 49

From Flat Out Broke to Ecommerce Success - With Heath Armstrong

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Heath Armstrong is an author, entrepreneur and the co-founder of Rage Create, an e-commerce marketing and publishing company dedicated to help bridge the gap between taboo, craving and spirituality. He’s also the author and creator of a range of affirmation cards and journals, designed to optimise happiness and health.

Listen in to hear Heath share:

  • An introduction to himself and his businesses (1:47)
  • His journey ‘from face down pants down to serial entrepreneur’ (3:35)
  • How he got started in ecommerce and online arbitrage (09:58)
  • How retail arbitrage lead to a digital subscription business (17:15)
  • What he learnt about building a successful brand (19:08)
  • How, and why, he launched his own affirmation cards and journals (20:12)
  • How he got his first customers and sales - there’s some great tips here! (27:30)
  • Running a successful Kickstarter campaign (33:52)
  • His number one piece of advice for other product creators (44:04)


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